Cultivating community through sustainable design strategies and public art.

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Our inspiration is driven by the opportunity to creatively reimagine how we design experiences and systems within cities using social, economic, and environmental sustainability principles.

How We Got Started

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After receiving over 200 applications and selecting 14 finalists, Bloomberg Philanthropies named five winners in the 2018 Public Art Challenge. Jackson was selected for its project proposal Fertile Ground: Inspiring Dialogue About Food Access.

Over the past year the City of Jackson has worked with an interdisciplinary team of local and national artists including designers, landscape architects, filmmakers, farmers, chefs, nutritionists, and community members to understand how to visually represent this civic issue.

In April 2020 the City of Jackson will host a city-wide exhibition with art installations and performances that promote dialogue about issues related to food access. The artwork explores topics of food policy, food sovereignty, nutrition, domestic hunger, and the agrarian landscape.

Each site has a theme that is specific to its location and will use art as a medium to express that topic. The overall ambition of the project is to tell a story that captures a national audience yet is unique to Jackson. 

Inspire Through Public Art

Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Public Art Challenge encourages mayors to partner with artists, elevating the value of including the creative sector when developing solutions to significant urban issues. The program supports temporary public art projects that celebrate creativity, enhance urban identity, encourage public-private collaborations, and strengthen local economies.

Community Engagement

Once the public art installations are complete the City of Jackson and the Fertile Ground project will utilize these spaces for the expo, workshops, and classes that further unpack the topics of food access issues and develop community-based models to combat food insecurity.

Develop a Strategic Vision

This project is invested in creating long-term sustainable solutions and shifting the perception of what food access looks like in cities. Starting with mobilizing residents to build connections across sectors. By developing these connections with organizations at the local, state, and federal level change can happen from the ground up. 

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2019-2020 Board Members:

President: Courtney Helfrich

Secretary: Madeline Morcelle

Treasurer: Monique Mosley



Expo Postponed! 

Due to the current pandemic we had to postpone our expo for later this year! It doesn’t hurt to register and stay in the loop.

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